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Business continuity awareness week

2017 BCAW:  May 15th - 19th

The 2017 BC awareness week theme is Cyber Security, focusing on increased awareness and organizational preparedness against cyberattacks and data breaches. 

Cyberattack threats are a major concern for BCM professionals, but there are resources that can help, today. Assurance Software will be publishing cyber security focused business continuity and disaster recovery content running May 15th  19th to help address these new threats to organizational resilience.


Cyberattacks Can Cost Your Company:

Cyber security threats can affect every aspect of a company; to effectively manage cyber threats, your BCM program data needs to be connected.  According to BCAW host and organizer, The Business Continuity Institute, organizations are at a greater risk of cyber threat.

  • According to the BCI, two-thirds of organizations have experienced at least one cyber security incident during the last year.
  • 88%of BC professionals have expressed concern about the prospect of these threats.
  • In the last year, 66% of organizations have reported at least 1 cyber security incident.
  • 15% of organizations have experienced at least 10 cyber security incidents in the previous year.

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