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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

Achieve organizational buy-in. Build your best plan.

Preparing to build your business continuity plan requires involvement from all members of your organization. When employees are engaged during the planning process, trust and buy-in increases and better outcomes are instore for your program.

The Assurance Impact:

  • Easily update plans the same way they are read.
  • Track and visualize all changes to plans through a plan revision history.
  • Leverage fully automated plan approval workflow, eliminating the need for PDFs.
  • Distribute plan information to the right people at the right time, quickly and effectively.
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Assurance in Action:

Here are a few ways that our Assurance software community is using the business continuity and disaster recovery Planning feature in AssuranceCM:

  • Time-saving, streamlined maintenance of plans, making it easy for planners to perform updates directly in-line, within a digital visualization of the plan content, instantly seeing the latest changes in the context of the plan.
  • Lessen administrative overhead and easily manage change with plan templates that allow the program leaders to make an update once, and it will be applied globally where necessary in associated plans.
  • Simplify your planners' efforts with easy-to-define template rules that filter the records available for selection. Either explicitly tag records as contextually relevant to plans, or define criteria that records must satisfy to be selectable.
  • Increase efficiency with plan approval workflow management that offers a simple view of status and due dates for plans, and ensures that reminders are going to planners and stakeholders that need to maintain and approve your mission-critical plans.
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