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Business Impact Analysis

Minimize Impacts by Identifying Risks

Discover your company's vulnerabilities. Utilize a business impact analysis to easily decide where to spend, so detrimental impacts on operations are minimized.

The Assurance Impact:

  • Customize your business impact analysis to fit your company's needs.
  • Increase BCM program efficiencies by completing quick updates on our cloud-based system.
  • Simultaneously collect BIA responses and report on multiple critical areas and dependency gaps.
  • Calculate criticality and RTOs automatically to support your standards and methodology.
  • Keep stakeholders up-to-date with the right information.
  • Strengthen audit and regulatory compliance.

Assurance in Action:

Here are a few ways that our Assurance software community is using the Business Impact Analysis feature in AssuranceCM:

  • Identify critical processes and applications that will adversely impact your business should they be disrupted. With valuable (and limited) time, budget, and resources, knowing these crucial components helps you focus on what is important so you can optimize a planning and recovery budget.
  • Establish recovery time objectives (RTOs) so you understand how long your business can moderately function without a process or application before revenue or reputation is significantly affected. If the process or application has a short RTO, then your business has a decision to make; can you live with the risk or is it worth budgeting resources towards satisfying the RTO.
  • Determine the processes and applications on which other facets of the enterprise highly depend. Having visibility into dependencies helps you identify essential, critical-path components that could represent a ‘single point of failure’. Recognizing these will help drive investment decisions for programs, technologies, and staff.
  • Identify gaps between current recovery capabilities and requirements. If you have an application upon which many other processes, applications, and business components depend, and IT resources cannot support a short RTO, you have identified a key budgeting decision to make.
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