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Assurance Software Case Studies

The following case studies are real accounts from our customers, detailing how AssuranceCM business continuity software helped secure and protect their organization, and how AssuranceCM assisted organizations across multiple industries with a single enterprise solution that increased their organizational resiliency.

Check out our customers' stories below.

Protecting Reputation, Brand and Data with Business Continuity Services

Healthcare Case Study

Consultants from Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) assessed the impact of downtime on Healthways’ key business processes, systems, applications and data, then developed and implemented a best practice plan for business continuity, disaster recovery and compliance.

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Challenging the Status Quo To Become More Resilient – Bringing Technology and Business Together Under One Continuity Solution

Financial Case Study

When this team decided to take a long, hard look at their current Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery solution, they realized that not much had changed in their program over the past 7 or 8 years. It was time for their planning process to evolve and for their solution to catch up with their internal technology platform changes.

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Making Business Continuity Planning a Snap – the Benefits of Simplification

Insurance Case Study

Supporting 1000+ plans with a difficult-to-use product was making Business Continuity work difficult for everyone involved. This team wanted to make their Business Continuity Program easier to manage and maintain across the board.

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Moving the Business Continuity Management Target – Putting Plans Firmly in the Hands of Plan Owners

Healthcare Case Study

This small, but determined 6 person BC team had their hands full managing 750+ plans for their organization. They needed an easy-to-use solution that would enable their business colleagues to create and maintain Business Continuity Plans. AssuranceCM gave them the solution they were looking for and enabled this team to confidently move out of plan maintenance to focus on their broader Business Continuity program.

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The Right Tool for the Job – How the Right Product Helped Increase Plan Quality

Manufacturing Case Study

While confident that their Business Continuity Program was on solid footing, this team was struggling with a hard-to-use product that was wreaking havoc on their planning process.

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