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The Assurance Software email archive is comprised of newsletters, product updates, and industry updates that are sent to the Assurance Software user community. To catch up on the latest tips and insights in your industry, take a look at our email archive below.

Business Continuity is Vital to Customer and Brand Loyalty


Assurance Software has released a new, complimentary tip sheet outlining why business continuity must be an integral part of operations for all retailers.In this tip sheet, we take a look at BC/DR tips to see if your organization is prepared for an internal or natural disaster incident, as revenue and profitability will suffer without proper planning

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Staffing Your BCM Team During the Summer Sizzle


Summer is the time when the office is empty. People are on family vacations and others have taken time to go to the beach, leaving many departments feeling like a ghost town. Studies have proven that taking time away from work actually improves employee performance – relieving stress, increasing productivity and simplifying task management – but that “boost” can be short lived if these people come back to a company in chaos because no one was manning the controls.

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Plan, Protect And Be A Business Continuity Hero


Due to the recent cyberattacks via the encryption-based ransomware, WannaCry, companies are actively ensuring they have the proper protection in place to avoid being the next target for a cyberattack. Many organizations that were affected by this crime say that their business continuity programs mitigated the threat from turning into a full-on crisis. How has your organization responded? Let's take a look at a few tips to ensure your company has a resilient BC plan in place.

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Protect Your Company's Security


On May 12, 2017 ransomware called WannaCry was sent via email to Microsoft computers, causing major impacts to countries across Europe and Asia. Michael Balboni, President of Redland Strategies, a firm specializing in cybersecurity said, "It's one of the widest spread attacks we've ever seen. We're entering into an age known as cyber-insecurity."

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Have You Finished Your BC Spring Cleaning?


Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to declutter and freshen up your house with thorough spring cleaning. The same can be said of business continuity and disaster recovery planning, as BC professionals should take the time to ‘spruce-up’ their current efforts multiple times throughout the year.

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Weathering the BCM Storm


Even though a majority of the East Coast recently experienced a March blizzard bust, this event should still serve as a reminder that weather-related organizational resilience should be a year-round priority for organizations.

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Business Continuity Resolutions for 2017

from ASSURANCE NEWSLETTER • February 2017

It’s February, that means a majority of new gym memberships are gathering dust and exercise bikes are now expensive coat racks. The silver lining is you get to stop hearing about your co-worker’s “new self” so that’s good, but, even though it’s good to see some things go, you cannot let these business continuity resolutions gather dust. Let's take a look...

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Demystifying the Biggest BC Myths of 2016

from ASSURANCE NEWSLETTER • January 2017

“We don’t have a budget for business continuity planning this year.” “I don’t have the time to put together a business continuity plan.” “My company doesn’t see the value in staffing a business continuity team.” Many of us working within the business continuity field have heard these comments before. Heading into 2017, it is important now more than ever to ensure your company is prepared and protected against all threats -- cyberattacks, active shooter, storms, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the top business continuity myths from this past year.

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Implementing Your Emergency Notification Plan

from ASSURANCE NEWSLETTER • December 2016

As we say goodbye to hurricane season, most of us are preparing for winter weather. How harsh of a winter will we have? No one truly knows, so it’s better to be prepared. Organizations need to have a plan in place that not only keeps employee safety top of mind, but also ensures your business is resilient to a weather-related shut down.

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Establish Cyberattack Preparedness in Your Organization

from ASSURANCE NEWSLETTER • November 2016

In today’s world, data security is a concern to not only large corporations, but also small businesses. No matter the size of your organization you should have a plan to protect your business and your customers.

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Incident Management Newsletter

3 Ways to Ensure Your Incident Management Program is Not Outdated

from ASSURANCE NEWSLETTER • October 2016

Establishing and maintaining an incident management program is very important to ensure your organization is able to respond and recover from the unexpected. Even though an incident is inevitable, the outcome cannot be predicted. 

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