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Emergency Notification

Notify your contacts at any time, on any device. Count on 100% uptime. Leverage the Assurance integration.

AssuranceNM utilizes a variety of communication methods to transmit tens of thousands of emergency voice and text alerts within minutes.

The Assurance Impact:

  • Leverage easy-to-use web and mobile user interfaces in addition to powerful smartphone apps to initiate alerts on the go and account for employees.
  • Commitment to a 100% uptime guarantee with multiple geographically-distributed data centers and global monitoring capabilities.
  • Communicate alerts in many different languages and dialects.
  • Keep critical information up-to-date using powerful import options or leverage our automated AssuranceCM business continuity software integration.
  • Manage your solution effectively with robust user role and feature access controls in addition to rich audit trail visibility and reporting capabilities.
  • Tailor your rollout strategy to fit your program’s needs with simple options to assign/remove activation privileges for members of your organization.
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Assurance in Action:

Here are a few ways that our Assurance software customer community is using AssuranceNM to manage their emergency notification needs:

  • Mobilizing first responders
  • Alerting staff to facility and public safety security threats
  • Notifying IT personnel that resources/services are offline/off-air
  • Coordinating important meetings using instant on-demand Conference Calling
  • Configuring content-triggered alerts that can automatically warn recipients of upcoming or current severe weather conditions or civil emergencies
  • Locating available personnel to cover unexpected staffing needs
  • Alerting multiple business locations of key news
  • Field force activation/mobilization
  • Supply chain management
  • Fleet logistics
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