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Incident Management & Testing

Integrated. Intuitive. Real-time.

Incident Management leverages inter-connected data and transforms it into timely, actionable information at your fingertips.

The Assurance Impact:

  • Activate plans or identify impacts using the Command Center.
  • Visualize the incident fully, complete with an "aerial view" of all impacts.
  • Seamlessly manage plan-based tasks and procedures through to recovery.
  • Quickly assess the situation by identifying bottlenecks that arise during an event using rich visualizations.
  • See the timeline of recovery in real-time.
  • Manage tests, exercises or real incidents within one integrated solution.
Incident Management Screenshot

Assurance in Action:

Here are a few ways that our Assurance software community is using Incident Management in AssuranceCM:

  • Management can easily access a status map that presents an at-a-glance view of the overall recovery progress for an event, providing executives quick insight into the incident.
  • Efficiencies are realized using a common, integrated incident response workflow. Incident responders are informed in a timely manner, and crisis management teams remain connected and coordinated.
  • Incident Management makes your plans actionable by directly leveraging them within our single, inter-connected platform. This helps your business to return to normal operations faster, minimizing impacts to revenue.
  • When a crisis happens, your business' reputation can be at risk. When incident responders are armed with focused tasks, and crisis management teams have real-time visibility into task completion, mission-critical communications are more accurate and reliable.
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