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Roadmap for Business Continuity Success

The road we travel doesn’t have a final destination, leading dynamic organizations to keep their eyes on the road to see what’s coming next. Being a business continuity program owner is no exception.

Can You Support Your Dynamic Market?

Since the 1980’s business continuity has seen numerous shifts in regulatory pressure, and each issue forced us to react swiftly. First it was data center recovery, then Y2K, and next was terrorism. The current issue disrupting business is cyber crime.  

As the world of business continuity stays focused on ever-increasing pressures from regulators, business leaders today demand broader participation in the planning process and increased confidence that today’s plans will lead to better outcomes.  These changes in market dynamics are driving a need for a new business continuity approach.  Today’s business continuity planning software must avoid the hazards of past approaches.

Warning Signs the BCP Road You Are On Has Trouble Ahead:

  • DIY business continuity software based on Microsoft Office and SharePoint
  • GRC software with bolt on business continuity “modules”
  • Legacy business continuity software limited to 1-2 updates a year
  • Difficult user interfaces that scare casual users away
  • Costly, dedicated IT staff and resources to maintain business continuity software
  • Systemic lack of confidence in plan currency and accuracy at time of disaster

AssuranceCM is changing the way we work.

The new approach must capture valuable input from less technical stakeholders with a shrinking service budget. Solutions must be visual, logical, and smart enough to anticipate hazards that could cause us to detour from our destination.  Today’s progressive business continuity program owners accept these responsibilities despite higher frequency of unplanned threats and incidents. But plans and testing do not deliver outcomes, people do.

To be sure our people will have plans to guide the next best action that see us safely past hazards in our path, the next generation of business continuity software demands a new level of engagement, responsiveness, confidence, and flexibility. It is not enough to simply see the road ahead; we have to get there, and someone has to take us. Who we entrust to safely guide us must have the courage to lead, the wisdom to develop a fresh approach, a vibrant community with deep domain knowledge to vet ideas, and the fiscal resources to see the project through to completion.

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