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Mobility & Apps

Connected at all times, on all devices.

Disasters can occur at any time; therefore, it is important to have business continuity software that is supported on all of your devices. Built with a responsive design, AssuranceCM supports Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, ensuring you have access to your plans on smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Alerting: 

When outbound communication is vital, the AssuranceNM Activator mobile app instantly alerts employees, customers and other stakeholders and allows you to receive critical feedback via iPhone®, Android® or Blackberry® mobile devices.  

The AssuranceNM Activator App Impact:

  • Create and launch notifications to existing contacts and groups.
  • Add response options to an alert.
  • Append conference call information to any message.
  • Launch existing predefined scenarios.
  • Access call history reports and statistics.
Mobility Screenshot

Recipient Interaction:

The AssuranceNM solution also includes our groundbreaking mobile recipient app, NM Direct, which delivers in a big way when you need to share and receive information securely. NM Direct overcomes the limitations and challenges that are associated with traditional SMS and phone carrier communication channels, so you can rely on the app to rise above and meet your organization’s communication needs. The NM Direct mobile app works on iPhone®, iPad® and Android® devices to provide you with a multitude of capabilities for your notification recipients.

The NM Direct Impact:

  • Express Messenger - Flexible, cost-effective SMS alternative
  • Express Voice - Fully integrated voice capabilities
  • LockBox - Secure transfer and storage of key files
  • Chat - Secure, auditable, in app group messaging, file sharing, and VOIP options

AssuranceNM in Action:

Here are a few ways that our Assurance software customer community is using AssuranceNM and the platform's mobile options to manage their emergency notification needs:

  • Mobilizing first responders
  • Alerting staff to facility and public safety security threats
  • Notifying IT personnel that resources/services are offline/off-air
  • Coordinating important meetings using instant on-demand Conference Calling Configuring content-triggered alerts that can automatically warn recipients of upcoming or current severe weather conditions or civil emergencies
  • Locating available personnel to cover unexpected staffing needs
  •  Alerting multiple business locations of key news
  • Field force activation/mobilization 
  • Fleet logistics
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