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New AssuranceNM Features Allow for Open and Ongoing Communication

Posted by Joe Field on 9/14/17 10:30 AM

You know efficient and effective communication is crucial in the event of an incident. While this is a simple enough concept, we often hear from our customers and business continuity planners, about the struggles involved with notifying critical personnel at any given time, and the importance of having a solution that is available to them 24x7, with a 100% uptime guarantee.

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New Reporting Feature: Customized BCM Insights in 1 Minute

Posted by Meghan Richter on 8/3/17 11:51 AM

For any business continuity manager, reporting is an ongoing responsibility, whether your providing senior management with incident report, your producing audit findings and action items for future implementation, or if your developing your plans to guide your incident management teams during events and exercises.

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New Assurance Connect Functionality Makes BCM More Valuable

Posted by Frank Buck on 5/9/17 4:29 PM

Have you ever heard that the employee data you oversee for business continuity management is better than what is housed within your HR system(s)? Or, that BCM is the system of record for the processes or functions within your organization? You may have been told that you have the most up-to-date dependencies between applications and systems and servers, or that it would be great to leverage your BCM data within your enterprise reporting tool.

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Improve Incident Management Response Times

Posted by Jacqui Miller on 5/4/17 7:00 AM

When you boil down most problems, communication tends to be the root cause. I have found this to be true in the realm of Incident Management. In my talks with customers, I constantly hear that one of the biggest challenges to the success of their business continuity programs is the inconsistent quality of their incident response plans.

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Sungard Availability Services Named BCI European Awards Finalist!

Posted by Brandon Kane on 5/2/17 2:19 PM

Sungard Availability Services has been named a  finalist for the 2017 BCI European Awards, which recognize the contributions of business continuity, risk and resilience professionals and organizations operating in the European region.

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Cloud Integration Automation Save BCMs Time and Improves Organizational Resilience

Posted by Brandon Kane on 4/21/17 8:59 AM

One of the main complaints coming from business continuity management professionals in every industry is, no matter which tool they use, they have too many manual processes in place to keep data accurate in the event of a disaster or incident.

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AssuranceNM Keeps People Informed and In-Touch with New Advanced Notifications.

Posted by Brandon Kane on 4/18/17 2:39 PM

When weather and operational conditions change, and your communications plan needs to allow you to adapt on-the-fly and pivot, with the use of a modern mass notification and alerting services such as Sungard AS’Assurance Notification Manager (AssuranceNM) solution, BCMs can now provide their personnel with assurance that they’re being supported by the organization and receiving information and access to the resources that they need during an incident.

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AssuranceCM Wins DRII Product/Service Provider of the Year!

Posted by Jacqui Miller on 3/3/17 7:00 AM

The DRI International 2017 award for Product / Service Provider of the Year was presented to Sungard Availability Services at the DRI2017 Awards Gala in Las Vegas on February 28th.

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Sungard AS Completes Annual Security Assessment

Posted by Todd Goudsward on 10/11/16 7:30 AM

Sungard Availability Services is pleased to announce the completion of our annual third party security assessment for the AssuranceCM business continuity software.  This year, we partnered with Optiv Security, Inc. to perform the assessment on the current R14 release. 

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Establish Business Continuity Plans (That Come to Life)

Posted by Nora Hahn on 8/16/16 9:00 AM

About a year ago, Apple introduced a new feature for the iPhone called Live Photos, which turns your still photos into short videos. Instead of looking at a static photo of your adorable child or a scenic vista captured on your vacation, you see a brief video (with audio) that brings that memory to life.

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