A well-conducted business impact analysis can show you where your company’s vulnerabilities are as they relate to operations as a whole, so remember these tips to get the most value from your business continuity program assessments:

  1. Re-evaluate BIA(s) Priorities as Needed: Running an impact analysis allows your business continuity team to be able to identify critical points that can be affected by an incident and find fiscally vulnerable weak spots. A timely assessment will help the BCM team figure out what will be affected if a process or application is disrupted, and help determine the potential fallout – both fiscal and structurally.
  1. Stakeholders must be Involved in Training: Company-wide adoption of business continuity best practices is a must for accurate assessments. If the entire organization buys into this process during training, it will pay dividends financially when a business continuity plan needs to be initiated.
  1. Make Decisions Easier: Identifying critical systems will tell you where to direct resources by highlighting what you can live without vs. what needs to be recovered immediately. By determining the RTO and criticalities of business processes and systems, you can make informed decisions about where to focus resources.

Your business continuity software must be robust enough to allow your BCM program owner to customize assessments to generate outcomes and objectives unique to your organization, while supporting the accessibility needed to engage your business process and IT owners. Making sure BIAs are completed as needed allows a company to see its vulnerabilities.

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