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Reporting & Analytics

Get the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Elevate your business continuity program to the next level by having a tightly integrated reporting tool that is aligned with your data.

The Assurance Impact:

  • Create easy-to-use click and drag reports.
  • Pinpoint gaps in recovery time objectives for your critical path dependencies.
  • View dependency graphs to manage incident responses.
  • Update plan content directly on-screen within the visualization of your assembled plan content.
  • Leverage the relationship among your program's data by integrating reporting with planning, assessments and incident management.
Reporting Screenshot

Assurance in Action:

Here are a few ways that our Assurance software community is using Reporting in AssuranceCM:

  • Executive-level snapshots that fully leverage the rich data captured for your program; made possible with a reporting tool built into the same platform where you develop plans, perform assessments, and manage incidents.
  • Time-saving, streamlined maintenance of plans, making it easy for planners to perform updates directly in-line within the visualization of the plan content and instantly see the latest changes in the context of the plan.
  • Simplify administrator duties with in-context reports that give complete visibility into the change history for a plan, making it easier to verify that planners are maintaining your mission-critical plans.
  • Eliminate investment in specialized reporting skills or “business intelligence.” Our built-in reporting simplifies report creation with predefined data sets and report structures that allow administrators to focus more on program improvements and less on writing reports.
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