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Retail Industry

In retail, sales are directly related to supply. If you are unable to meet customer demands due to a disruption of your supply chain and business continuity management, revenue and profitability will suffer.

The AssuranceCM Difference:

  • Customizable business impact analysis(s) to fit company needs as sales goals change.
  • Emergency notifications keep stakeholders, suppliers and customers informed with alerts that can be sent and received at any time, on any device.
  • RTOs and criticalities are updated and calculated automatically to support supply chain management needs.
  • Assurance strengthens audit and regulatory compliance, including Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.
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Assurance will protect your brand:

The inability to do business, even for a short period of downtime, will damage a retailer and its brand. AssuranceCM is the solution for managing business continuity incidents, from product recalls and building issues, to warehouse disruptions and employee management. 

Customer loyalty and brand image are threatened by every possible incident. Retailers need a solid incident management and business continuity plan in place to meet customer and compliance demands. Business continuity managers can identify and protect critical operations that support multiple retail locations by connecting and visualizing dependencies.

Industry experts say an 8-to-24-hour timeframe is considered to be critical to restoring vital processes and applications during incident. An RTO beyond that window, and a retail organization will lose customer loyalty. By gathering this data into one system of record, and determining the RTOs and criticalities of business processes, leadership can make informed decisions to keep sales and distribution channels running.

A cloud-based, agile BC solution like AssuranceCM allows program owners to decide where to spend, minimizing the impact of the loss that will damage retail operations and revenue.

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