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Assurance Software Product Videos

Assurance Software’s video resource page is home to our user videos and product video snapshots. Review the video archive to take a deeper dive into AssuranceCM and learn about different features of the software as well as how a single enterprise solution benefits your organization.


AssuranceCM Business Continuity Planning Overview

(Duration: 1:56 min)

Find out why planners are more engaged and create better plans that can be used when you need it most by planning in AssuranceCM.

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AssuranceCM Incident Management Overview

(Duration: 1:18 min)

Discover how AssuranceCM's Incident Management feature will increase the effectiveness of your business continuity plan by keeping your organization prepared.

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AssuranceCM Software Overview

(Duration: 2:08 min)

AssuranceCM provides businesses with peace of mind during an incident that their company will continue running efficiently. AssuranceCM will guide you through the business continuity process: business impact analysis, reporting, incident management, and emergency notification.

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Find out how effective your company’s current business continuity plans are and ensure your organization’s risk strategy protects your company in every incident.

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