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Assurance Continuity Manager

Solutions to Grow Enterprise
Recovery Strength

AssuranceCM, part of the Assurance Continuity Suite, helps teams across your organization prepare effectively. Harnessing valuable sources of information and a platform designed for collaborative planning, response, and recovery, you are equipped to build and test your enterprise-recovery strength.

Capabilities for All Facets of Your Program

When preparedness matters, AssuranceCM delivers smart, actionable solutions packaged for building a robust program.


Understand Risk & Impact

  • Identify the right risks with out-of-the-box standards and frameworks
  • Collect and socialize business impact information with flexible analysis methodologies
  • Launch planning initiatives with approval and collaboration workflow

Prepare for Incidents

  • Establish actionable plans with playbooks, teams and contact groupings
  • Identify single points of failure through reports, dashboards and analytics
  • Create, manage and test readiness with seamless emergency notifications

Respond with Confidence

  • Exercise for likely impacts and disruption types
  • Record decisions made, actions taken and after-actions for review
  • Mobilize incident teams, recovery teams and employees

Scale with the Right Partner

  • Reach expertise on-demand with 24x7x365 live support
  • Control direction with voice-of-the-customer and user engagement programs
  • Boost performance with plug-in advisory services and peer learning
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Enlist Sources of Information, Internal Partners & Vendors

  • Leverage data integrations to construct a single source of enterprise truth
  • Engage internal partners in risk and preparedness activity
  • Enable vendors to self-assess with industry-standard frameworks

Monitor, Measure & Improve Systematically

  • Create a preparedness baseline with flexible analytics and dashboards
  • Increase visibility for sponsorship and engagement

Customer Success

The reconfiguration of our software allowed us to keep our data and customize the templates, plans, and screens to meet our needs now and in the future as we continue to build out the initial program, encompassing cyber and other threats.

Joyce Flinn, Information Security & Disaster Recovery Officer, First United Bank & Trust

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