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Assurance Notification Manager

Communication Solutions to Rely on During a Crisis

Protect your customers, employees, and brand with a fast and accurate notification solution built for resilience and recovery. With AssuranceNM, part of the Assurance Continuity Suite, you can mobilize quickly and effectively for response and recovery with 24x7 real-time mass alerting and response gathering. 

Capabilities for All Facets of Your Program

When preparedness matters, AssuranceCM delivers smart, actionable solutions packaged for building a robust program.


Send Targeted Messages

  • Notify employees quickly with real-time geo-based alerts
  • Assemble your team effectively with simplified contact groupings
  • Arm recovery teams with evacuation plans, playbooks, incident tasks and secure files

Prepare for Incidents

  • Signal every channel with voice, email, SMS and mobile app notifications
  • Send advisories with desktop alerting
  • Alert contractors, vendors and customers via social media

Scale with the Right Partner

  • Reach expertise on-demand with 24x7x365 live support
  • Control direction with voice-of-the-customer and user engagement programs
  • Boost performance with plug-in advisory services and peer learning

Respond with Confidence

  • Create, manage and test notification groups and likely disruption types
  • Notify incident teams, recovery teams and employees

Customer Success

With Embedded Notifications, organizations can simplify their incident and crisis procedures, reduce training requirements, and increase confidence in their response and recovery capabilities. Risk-focused teams can put themselves into an action-stance, an ever-ready state of organizational preparedness for effective response to any threat.

Michele Corvino, VP of Product Management, Assurance

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