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Business Continuity Mobile Access

The BC App that Delivers Critical Information Quickly

Because an event or disaster can occur at any time, Assurance Software makes sure you can access and enact your plans on all browsers and devices.

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The Assurance Impact

Mobility Screenshot

  • Launch your plan at any time on any device
  • Receive critical feedback via iPhone®, Android® or Blackberry® mobile devices
  • Access data on Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers
  • Share and receive information securely  
  • Overcome the limitations of traditional SMS and phone carrier communication channels

Assurance in Action

Here are a few ways organizations are using our mobile and app features:


Mobilize Responders

Quickly activate first responders and mobilize critical stakeholders needed to maintain and approve your mission-critical plans.


Stay Up and Running

Coordinate meetings using on-demand conference calling, find coverage for unexpected staffing needs and confirm fleet logistics.


Communicate in Real Time

Easily alert multiple business locations of key news, notify IT personnel of offline services and alert staff to public safety and security threats.


Find Reliability and Security

Overcome the inconsistencies with traditional SMS and phone carrier communication channels, while offering a secure way to send updates.

New! Incident Management Mobile App

By using our Act with Assurance app, responders can easily access and manage their business continuity and disaster recovery tasks during incidents.

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Customer Success

Assurance Software has taken into account feedback from customers and the spirit of responding to an event expeditiously, while providing a clean, straightforward interface that allows the responder to focus on their largest concern – successfully executing their tasks ATOT/ATOD.

Jim Paradise, BCM Manager, Atos


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