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Free Research Report

BCI Coronavirus – A Pandemic Response 2020

Assurance and ClearView sponsored the first comprehensive report to analyze the disruptive impacts that COVID-19 has had on the business continuity and resilience profession.

The responses to this report provide a powerful account of the impacts from COVID-19. The report is based on nearly 800 respondents, with representation from every continent, as well as in-depth interviews from senior professionals.

Key insights include:

  • The level of preparedness of organizations
  • Which individuals and departments have taken responsibility
  • Where organizations have been obtaining critical information
  • How organizations are planning their recovery

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What's inside:

Executive Summary

Although 40% of organizations had a pandemic plan, it did not guarantee success in the response.


Many organizations had built plans around previous pandemics or, in some cases, epidemics. Although two-thirds of organizations who had a pandemic plan reported a success, other organizations adopted an impact-based planning strategy instead and interviews demonstrated good success with these plans.

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