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Retail INDustry 

BCM Supply Chain Continuity for Retail & eCommerce

To meet customer demands, business continuity management is needed to minimize downtime and eliminate gaps in supply chain management. 

58% of the retails mentioned business continuity/disaster recovery as a priority1
RTO’s extending beyond 8-to-24-hours risk losing customer loyalty2
53% of companies indicated they use or plan to use BCM software in the next year3

Staying Open for Business – No Matter What


Assurance Business Continuity Software is your solution for managing incidents, from product recalls, building damage, warehouse disruptions and employee management.

The Assurance Difference:

  • Allows for customizable BIAs aligned with company needs as sales goals change
  • Distributes emergency notifications to keep stakeholders, suppliers and customers informed with alerts that can be sent and received at any time, on any device
  • Automatically calculates RTOs and criticalities to support supply chain management needs
  • Strengthens audit and regulatory compliance with Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards
1. The Retailer: EY’s Publication in Consumer Products and Retail Sector,” EY  2. Sungard Availability Service Industry Expert   3. Global BCM Program Benchmarking Study,” KPMG

Assurance Customer Success

The problem that we helped solve by having the CM product is more involvement. When you get 30, 60, 90 people involved in the program you need some way of keeping it organized and allowing information to get back to the employees. That's where having a software product is imperative.

Don Long, Business Continuity Planning Manager, Donegal Insurance

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