Business Risk Assessments

Impact & Risk Assessments

With Assurance risk assessments, organizations rapidly complete business risk assessments, quantify and compare exposures, and kickstart response planning for all business continuity risks as they emerge.

Risk and Impact Assessments

The Assurance Impact

BC Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments in Assurance Software lead you to uncover threats, discover vulnerabilities, and identify gaps so that you can mitigate risks and minimize the impact of disruptions to critical business operations.

Risk Assessments in Assurance Software enable:

  • Cataloging, rating and monitoring risks based on factors including probability, impact and vulnerability
  • Comparing risk scores and trends across multiple locations, vendors and systems
  • Fast-tracking assessment progress with out-of-the-box content from a variety of frameworks, rules and standards including ISO, NIST, FFIEC, HIPAA, FSSCC, NFPA and more
  • Customizing assessments in support of unique corporate risk policies, standards, operating procedures and guidelines
  • Evaluating recovery time objectives and capabilities to identify gaps and ensure preparation and alignment of resources
  • Ensuring thorough audit preparation and regulatory compliance
  • Visualizing risk ratings with reports and dashboards configurable for key stakeholders including executives, managers and practitioners

Customer Success

The software handles the reporting and assembling of the information for me. Having a product that is accessible to the people and usable by the people is important.

Don Long, BC Planning Manager, Donegal Insurance


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