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ClearView Continuity Merger FAQ 

Q: Why have the two companies merged?

A: With nearly 700 customers, Assurance Software, Inc. is the largest independent software provider in the BC/DR industry. With a concentration of Assurance customers in North America, adding ClearView Continuity, a market leader in the UK and EMEA, greatly expands the combined organization’s geographic coverage, talent and local support capabilities particularly in EMEA and Asia-Pacific. Combined, Assurance and ClearView are the leading global provider of BCM software and services, serving more than 800 organizations across 6 continents.

Q: Who is Assurance Software?

A: Although Assurance Software, Inc. is only several months old, the company, products and brand have an industry-defining heritage that has shaped the evolution of business continuity for over 30 years. Relying on Assurance’s proven technology solutions and award-winning support and services, Assurance customers confidently achieve business resiliency, protect their brands and demonstrate the value of their continuity programs. For more information, please visit www.assurancesoftware.com.

Q: Who is ClearView?

A: ClearView is a well-established multi-award winning global leader in BCM software with a web-based platform that empowers organizations to manage their business continuity activity as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. With clients across both private and public sectors, ClearView has built an enviable reputation for excellence and innovation; and the software provides both ease of use and powerful functionality. Building on the vision of ‘making the complicated simple’ for clients, ClearView provides a highly experienced implementation team to help new clients get up and running quickly; as well as making moving from competitor software to ClearView easy. For more information, please visit www.clearview-continuity.com.

Q: In addition to their complementary geographic focus, do Assurance and ClearView complement each other in other ways?

A: While Assurance and ClearView both provide business continuity software solutions and services, they also have highly complementary competencies, which makes this combination extremely powerful.

The distinctive competencies and offerings of Assurance include:

  • Easily configured applications ensuring an exact fit to the unique requirements of each customer
  • Award-winning HDI-Certified 24x7 Customer Support
  • Robust Voice of the Customer (VOC) program that drives continuous improvements
  • The industry’s only 100% uptime SLA guarantee.

 The distinctive competencies and offerings of ClearView include: 

  • Innovative solution designs recognized for simplifying complex processes
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • The industry’s first mobile app for continuity management
  • The industry’s first virtual reality solution for training and awareness.

The combined company will be ideally positioned to further accelerate innovation in the industry and partner with our customers to increase their organization’s resiliency. 

Q: Will the name of the company change? 

A: The corporate name will be Assurance Software and we will have two product brands, Assurance and ClearView, each represented by its respective website.   

Q: What will become of the Assurance and ClearView brands?

A: Both the Assurance and ClearView brands enjoy strong reputations for quality, innovation and customer success. The company will continue to invest in both brands, while distinctive competencies will be utilized to accelerate product and service innovations.

Q: Will there be any immediate changes to the existing Assurance or ClearView platforms?

A: There will be no immediate changes to the current platforms. Over time, as complementary capabilities are leveraged, new product enhancements will be delivered to both ClearView and Assurance customers. As detailed plans for product enhancements and innovation come together, all customers will receive transparent and timely communications.

Q: How will customers be impacted by the acquisition?

A: There will be no immediate impact to customers - they will continue to use their current software products and rely on our support and services as they do today. Both ClearView and Assurance have earned reputations for customer collaboration and partnership and our customers are integral to our journey ahead. Our goal is to continue serving as their go-to partner for all needs related to business continuity and resiliency. In support of this goal, we are fully committed to a policy of “no customers left behind”.

Q: Will there be any leadership changes as a result of the merger?

A: Craig Potts will continue as the CEO of the combined company. Charlie Boffin, the CEO of ClearView will become the President of EMEA / APAC, Global Chief of Strategy and will join the Assurance Board of Directors. The other leaders from the ClearView executive team will serve in the following roles: Ian Crabb, Chief Operating Officer, EMEA / APAC; and Jon Mitchell, Director of Sales, EMEA / APAC. The other members of the Assurance executive leadership team will continue in their current roles.

Q: How many people will be employed by the combined organization and where will they be located?

A: The combined organization consists of 130 employees located throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Q: How will employees of Assurance and ClearView be impacted?

A: The key objectives of the merger are to accelerate growth on a global scale and leverage complementary competencies between Assurance and ClearView to further strengthen the market position of both brands, accelerate product innovations and expand service offerings. As we invest in the pursuit of these objectives, we will create many new growth opportunities for our employees.

Q: Do you plan to add more products or services to the portfolio via acquisition? 

A: We consistently evaluate our suite of software and service offerings and seek new opportunities to better serve our customers by adding value to our products and services through internal development, partnerships and acquisitions.

Q: Can you tell me about the financial aspects of the merger?

A: Financial details of the merger are not being disclosed.