Emergency Notification & Alert System

Emergency notification and alert systems from Assurance Software are robust and reliable. Count on Assurance Software’s 100% uptime guarantee when transmitting tens of thousands of emergency voice and text alerts within minutes, on any device.

Emergency Notification Screenshot

The Assurance Impact

Emergency Notification Screenshot
  • Alert staff to facility and public safety security threats
  • Coordinate important meetings using instant on-demand conference calling
  • Communicate alerts in many different languages and dialects
  • Keep business up and running by coordinating staff coverage and fleet logistics 
  • Rely on Assurance Software's 100% uptime guarantee 

Assurance in Action

Here are a few ways organizations are using our emergency notification feature:


Engage On Any Device

Leverage our easy-to-use web and mobile user interfaces in addition to powerful smartphone apps to initiate alerts on-the-go and account for employees.


Manage Controls

Manage your solution effectively with robust user roles, feature access controls, rich audit trail visibility and reporting capabilities.


Stay Up-to-Date

Keep critical information up-to-date using powerful import options or leveraging our automated business continuity software integration.


Customize Your Plan

Tailor your rollout strategy to fit your program’s needs with simple options to assign/remove activation privileges for members of your organization.

Assurance Customer Success

The plan and communications are available 7x24 regardless of the nature of the cyber security incident. Even though our system may be compromised we can use Assurance to do our planning and response exercises.

Jay Martin, AVP IS Security, Donegal Insurance


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