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Assurance Software, Inc.


Evolve your DR Program by Making Friends

Melissa Rhodes
Assurance Software Customer Community Manager

It’s August...that time of year that many children dread, and most parents celebrate.  Soon, kids everywhere will be slinging on backpacks and heading back to school. And as they climb onto the school bus, they will madly scramble to get to the back of the bus, where they can avert the bus driver’s gaze and huddle in seclusion with their tight clique of close buddies.

When it comes to disaster recovery programs though, the back of the school bus is the last place you want to be, especially when taking your DR strategy in a new direction, such as from tape to replication.  A strategic shift like this can and should result in updates to your DR program, which means you’ll need to enlist the support of colleagues from many cross-functional departments and teams.  In other words, you gotta make friends!

Please join Melissa as she discusses tactics and methods for updating your company’s DR program, including how to implement new testing schedule and execution strategies, project go-live integrations, and how to incorporate your program into change management processes. Leverage these updates to “make friends” by furthering program adoption and aligning with your company's IT strategy.

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