Manufacturing Industry

Taking Control of Threats by Planning for Disruptions

Business continuty management protects your most critical assets by keeping operations connected, running smoothly and in compliance.

Manufacturer's top threats: supply chain break, cyber and data hacks1
70% of manufacturers experienced at least 1 supply chain break in the past year 2
42% of manufacturers increased their business continuity spending 1

Take a Proactive, Comprehensive Approach


Assurance Business Continuity Software helps you assess risks and create plans to make sure your entire supply chain is resilient and reliable. 

The Assurance Difference:

  • Enables you to uncover your risks and identify the weakest links in your supply chain
  • Protects your people by showing how they are connected to your business and resiliency efforts
  • Puts you in a better position to bounce back when an incident occurs, keeping you ahead of competition
  • Ensures you are compliant with ISO regulations and compliance requirements
1.“20th CEO Survey," PWC 2017    2. “The New Security Challenge: Are Media & Entertainment Companies Ready,” Accenture 2016.

Assurance Customer Success

I was able to allow the software package to handle and do the reporting and assembling of the information for me. Having a product that is accessible to the people and usable by the people is important.

Don Long, Business Continuity Planning Manager, Donegal Insurance


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