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Assurance Software Customers Celebrate Achievements and Share Best Practices During Surge Customer Conference

October 22, 2019 9:00:00 AM EDT

Assurance Software hosted its second Surge customer conference October 13-15.  Conference attendees shared successes enabled by their Assurance software applications and learned about new and upcoming software and services innovations from Assurance.

Comments from conference attendees included “I learned more during the first day of the Surge conference than I did during my entire time at a large national industry conference”, and “networking with other BC professionals as well as Assurance staff and executives, enabled by the intimate vibe of the Surge conference, was invaluable”.

The conference was highlighted by an award ceremony during which, customers were recognized for their accomplishments as they strive to achieve excellence in their Business Continuity programs.  The 2019 award recipients are:

S&P Global Excellence in Proof of Response and Recovery
KeyBank Excellence in Business Continuity Integration
Frontier Communications Excellence in Organizational Engagement
Nationwide Excellence in Business Continuity Partnership






“Our goal is to serve our customers as their go-to partner, dedicated to supporting their varied needs in business continuity and risk mitigation,” said Scott Williams, Vice President of Customer Success for Assurance Software.  “The Surge conference exemplified this partnership commitment through interactive Voice-of-the-Customer workshops, a live interactive sprint demo, advisory consulting sessions and much more.  We are proud to provide the critical assistance and guidance they need and honored to celebrate their accomplishments.”    


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About Assurance Software

About Assurance Software

Business disruptors including cyber-attacks, natural disasters and supply chain breakdowns are now commonplace but it’s difficult to measure readiness and ensure effective response. Leveraging decades of experience helping thousands of organizations, we pair expert guidance with easy-to-use software to simplify preparation and ensure quick restoration of your critical operations. Assurance customers have confidence that their people, revenue and reputations are protected, without needless distractions from their core business.

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