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We know emergency notifications offer real value to any organization. You know this too—that’s why you dedicated time and resources towards an emergency notification management system, like AssuranceNM.

You’re done the hard work initially setting up your system and are now reaping the benefits of notifying your contacts on any device at any time, counting on 100% uptime guarantee and sending thousands of voice and text alerts within minutes. 

 It’s clear your organization has already taken a major step to improve your emergency response communications. But, are you using your emergency response system to its full capacity? Would the health of your system be considered strong? Even the best incident management procedures have room for improvement and optimization. Here are 5 signs it may be time to check the health of your emergency alert system:

1. You Question if You’re Really Prepared for Recent Incidents Covered in the News 

2017 has been one of the most active storm seasons in history, we’ve seen tragic active shooter and terrorist attacks and cyber hackers have run rampant. New technologies, new business operations and new risks are constantly emerging, which means there is always room for optimization and improvement of business continuity plans.

If recent incidents have caused you to wonder if your organization is truly prepared to communicate during a similar event, it may be time to take a look at how you’re utilizing your system. You want to be confident that you’re ready to use your system in the event of a disaster. 

2. You’re Not Using All Your System’s Features

Incident management communication is not a one size fits all model. It entails defining what emergency notifications are needed and appropriate for your business continuity team, senior executives, all employees and the public. It also takes into account how individuals will receive this message based on their preferred communication channel. 

Your emergency notification management system offers the ability to tailor and custom your delivery, data integration and reporting capabilities.  If you’re not checking under the hood of your alert settings for all necessary fail-safe prompts, you cannot ensure that you’re targeting the proper audiences and maximize your ongoing configuration and usage.

3. There Has Been Turnover or Business Changes at Your Organization 

With any company, there is the likelihood that employees, vendors and suppliers could part ways with the organization, leaving your emergency response data obsolete. Likewise, your business’ operation, structure, strategies and supporting technology could change, ultimately impacting your notification management.

No business is exempt from these situations and if it has been some time since you’ve evaluated your data and communication flows, it is time to dive back into the system and make some changes.  

4. There is a Lack of Usage and Engagement with Your System 

If you’re finding that your users and admins have not accessed controls, conducted tests or utilized your system’s reporting capabilities, you may have a software engagement and adoption problem. By not conducting frequent use of the system or conducting tests, you could be missing potential threats and changes that could impact the safety and security of your colleagues and company assets. 

This is a perfect opportunity to check in with your team to find out what’s preventing them from using the system and conduct appropriate training to ensure they are prepared to act in advance.

5. You Have Extra Budget Dollars Left Over

While you may have already included your emergency notification system into your budget, you may find that as the year comes to a close, you have extra budget dollars to spend.

Dedicating extra resources to check and evaluate your emergency notification system’s configuration and activity can be a great opportunity to find ways to more efficiently and effectively communicate in the event of a disaster, which could save you even more budget dollars in the future. 

Think You’re Ready for a Health Check?

If you find your organization is facing any of the above situations, AssuranceNM’s Health Check service can help. This service, offered to our valued customers, assigns you an Emergency Notification Expert who will:

  • Check under the hood of your alert settings for all necessary fail-safe prompts to ensure that you’re targeting the proper contacts
  • Optimize your message flow and tailor features to your specific needs
  • Help you set up dialing and call back rules with specific voice controls
  • Evaluate your data flow to ensure accuracy
  • Provide a health check report and summary with tips for maximizing your ongoing configuration and usage 

If you’re ready to use AssuranceNM to its full capacity and ensure the health of your emergency communications, reach out to your Customer Success Manager today!

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