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The Internet brims with quotes echoing maxims about surrounding yourself with like-minded people, with those whom you aspire to emulate, in climates that support your ambitions. The broad message: environment reinforces behavior and drives you toward your goals. You become that in which you occupy. Therefore, immerse yourself in a culture that promotes your objective.  

This can also work for your business continuity management program (BCMP). Surrounding your BCMP in an enterprise-wide business continuity (BC) culture helps facilitate its objectives and success. When management and staff understand the purposes, processes, and goals, and manifest those in daily business endeavors, the BCMP is further strengthened.

But integrating a new organizational culture is never an easy, overnight undertaking. That’s why we’ve put together five helpful tips to get your organization immersed in a BC culture.

5 Steps Towards a BC Culture

  1. Get Execs Involved
    Many organizations feel BCM works from the bottom up, that getting top-management involved is a later, and often arduous, step. Yet for full integration, it should work from the top down. You need executive buy-in.

    Sometimes, though, this does call for a little “working up” to accomplish. If persuading the C-suite is your roadblock, trying hitting where the dollar counts. Show them stats, facts, and numbers. Illustrate the long-term financial benefits of a BCMP contrasted with potential monetary loss of incidents without one. Be succinct and direct. You may have to chip away a little bit at a time – but little victories are better than no victories at all.
  2. Collaborate
    This is the crux of your cultural integration. Every team and department must be on board for every step of your BCMP lifecycle. Get all involved as you impart the necessities and benefits of BCM. Explain how team collaboration works towards greater efficiency and resiliency for the entire enterprise.
  3. Involve All Employees
    A BCM culture is not exclusive to management and program builders; it requires all employees at every level. After all, risks and threats can originate at any level with any employee. To better combat those risks, every employee must bear awareness, and understand their part in prevention and mitigation, thus their role in business continuity.
  4. Raise Awareness
    In order to get everyone involved you must raise awareness and instill a BC mindset. Conducting fun, yet educational exercises on a regular basis encourages participation and awareness. Organizations, such as the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII), also offer a variety of resources to educate all employees and promote BCM awareness.
  5. Invest in Your Teams’ BCM Education
    Train and certify those who you’ve designated as program owners and other important players in your BCMP development, maintenance, and deployment. This ensures those who are in charge have the most current and accurate industry knowledge from which to draw throughout your BCMP lifecycle. They can then also act as BC advocates for all staff.

Embody BCM
To ‘live’ BCM is to advance its success. Envelope your enterprise in a BCM culture and you will undoubtedly strengthen your BCMP and your organizational resiliency.

Want to remain resilient and strengthen your bottom line? Visit our website or contact an Assurance certified business continuity professional today. We will be happy to help.

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Angie Longacre

Written by Angie Longacre

As a writer for Assurance Software, Angie devotes her craft to promoting business continuity and disaster recovery awareness, and trumpeting Assurance Software’s invaluable benefits for both. When she’s not commanding the keyboard, you can find her outside for a run, searching for her next antique treasure, or lost in a good book.

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