Now is the time to evolve your business continuity and disaster recovery programs from plan building to plan execution.  Now is the time to leverage all the efforts you've invested in performing assessments and building plans.  Now is the time to save time when it matters time of incident.  Now is the time to Act with Assurance!

Assurance Software is proud to announce the release of its new Act with Assurance mobile app.  Act with Assurance is a powerful extension of the Incident Management feature in AssuranceCM that fosters two-way communications between Incident Coordinators and Responders, keeping your teams connected and communicating with timely, relevant information.


As Coordinators in the Command Center orchestrate an event, Act with Assurance empowers them to communicate in real-time with “boots on the ground” Responders as to the prioritized, time-sensitive tasks to be performed for continuing operations.  In turn, with a simple tap, Responders armed with Act with Assurance in the palm of their hand, provide updates that feed back to the Command Center, bringing your teams together at just the right time by facilitating better communication while recovering. 

Here are some of the features and benefits your Incident teams can realize using the Act with Assurance mobile app:

  • Mobile notifications - Stay current on tasks assigned to you during a live incident or test. Enable and acknowledge "push" notification on your mobile device as Coordinators make task assignments from the Command Center.
  • Focused task list - Act on tasks specifically assigned to you. Individualized playbooks for the moment providing responders the right information at the right time.
  • Recovery workflow- Align recovery efforts at the task level and across the entire event with standardized workflow statuses that provide consistent visibility into the recovery progress.
  • Real time - Know that the mobile app and the Command Center are connected and presenting you with the most up-to-date information available from Assurance. You can act with confidence knowing that you have the most current information at your fingertips.
  • Integrated platform - Leverage your inter-connected business continuity data with Assurance’s all-in-one, integrated BCM suite of Assessments, Planning, Incident Management/Testing, and Reporting.

There is a better way to test and manage incidents and now is the time to help your teams take immediate and coordinated action for maintaining organizational resiliency.  Empower your teams to act swiftly and confidently during an incident with the knowledge that they are connected and communicating with timely, relevant information.Download and install the Act with Assurance mobile app  today!

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Ted Marquardt

Written by Ted Marquardt

Ted is in Product Marketing for Assurance. With over two decades of experience in Software Development, he appreciates the daily challenges customers face and the need for solutions to get the job done. Along with the rest of the Product and Sales teams, Ted strives to understand the concerns of BC/DR professionals and articulate how Assurance services and solutions can help solve them. In his free time, you'll find Ted trying to keep up with his busy kids, while squeezing in some time for walking the dog and playing guitar.

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