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Business Continuity & BCM Blog

Brexit & COVID-19: A Changing View on Continuity and Resilience

Extreme Weather: Another ‘New Normal’ for Business Continuity Planning

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Supporting Employees During Disruptions Builds Operational Resiliency

Was COVID-19 a ‘Black Swan’?

Horizon Scanning: It’s Not Magic, But It Can Be a Crystal Ball For Business Continuity Risks

8 Reasons Why Your BC Program Should Be ISO 22301 Certified

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BCI Report Insights: Coronavirus’ Impact Likely to Be Measured in Years, Not Months

2020: Not a Normal Year—Even for Hurricanes

After COVID-19 Business as Usual (BAU) is Not Going to Be BAU

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Improve Your Business Continuity Program With Geo-Mapping

COVID19 Underscores Why Organizations Need Business Continuity Programs

How an Automated Notification System Helps Tackle COVID-19 Related Business Challenges

Cyber Insurance Alone Isn’t Enough to Protect Your Business

Looking Backward to Face Forward: Lessons from the COVID19 Frontlines

Effective Crisis Leadership: Navigating the Pandemic and Other Business Crises

Pandemic Response and Recovery: A CEO’s Perspective

The Role of Human Resources in Business Continuity Planning

Fighting COVID-19 Misinformation in the Midst of Pandemic

Epidemic or Pandemic? They’re Different and Why It Matters

How Data Privacy Should Fit Into Your Pandemic Plan

So You Don’t Have a Pandemic Plan, Now What?

Remote Working: Decrease Cyber Risk by Practicing Good Cyber Hygiene

Are You Prepared for a Recall?

Part 3: Best Practices to Improve Incident Management Exercises – Conduct & Review

Part 2: Best Practices to Improve Incident Management Exercises – Define & Design

Part 1: Best Practices to Improve Incident Management Exercises – Preparation

More Than Just a Hiccup: Coronavirus and Global Supply Chain Disruptions

Isolated Incidents: Can You Plan For Them and Should You?

Adopt A Risk-Based Approach For Audit Success

Is "Work-From-Home" a Viable Contingency Plan for Disruptions?

Mobile Access to BC Plans: Mobilize Faster, Respond Rapidly, and Coordinate Recovery

Toss the Spreadsheet and Start Building a More Resilient Program with BCM Software

Mitigate Your Risks: Tips for Business Continuity Planning for Natural Disasters

7 Assumptions That Can Derail Your Business Continuity Plans

The Cost of Ransomware and the Helping Hand of Business Continuity

6 Benefits of Working with a Business Continuity Advisor

Formjacking and Island Hopping Increasing Threats for Supply Chains and Operations

5 Ways Your Supply Chain Could Be at Risk for Disruption

The 3 Core Components of a Healthy Business Continuity Program

Updated Version of ISO 22301...What's New?

Is Your Emergency Notification System Crisis-Ready?

Communication is the Key to Effective Incident Management

How to Avoid Accidentally Creating a Real Incident with Your Next BC/DR Exercise

When Surprise Business Continuity Exercises Go Awry: 4 Real-Life Examples

What Features Do Users Want Most in Business Continuity Software?

5 Signs Your Business Continuity Management Software Isn’t Meeting Your Needs

The Future of Emergency Notification is Embedded in Your Business Continuity Tool

Perfect Plans Fail: Why Don’t Companies Routinely BC Test?

Is a Centralized or Decentralized Business Continuity Program Best for Your Organization?

7 Ways to Empower Your Mid-Level Managers to Become BC Champions

Enhancing Organizational Engagement in BC Using a Proven Technique: “Tone From the Middle”

3 Steps for Developing Your Crisis Communication Plan

Don’t Underestimate the Need for Tight Cloud Security

Is Human Resources the Key to Building a Culture of Resilience?

Practice What You Preach: Preparedness in the Home

Tuning Up Your Emergency Management Notification System (EMNS)

Critical, Often-Overlooked Questions to Ask When Evaluating BC Vendors

Hurricane Season: Steps to Prepare Now

How to Ramp Up Vendor Risk Resiliency

3 Tactics for Driving Organizational Engagement in Business Continuity

Why Effective Communication is the Key to Emergency Response

7 Business Continuity Plan Questions To Ask When Developing Your BCP

Data Breaches Ranked in Top-Five Global Threats

How to Ensure Supply Chain Resiliency – Here’s Your Checklist

How to Get the Most Out of Your BCP Tabletop Test

Account Takeover (ATO) Fraud

Tornado Season – Is Your Organization Prepared?

8 Ways a BCMP Can (Positively) Impact Cyber Breach Costs

7 Things Not to Do During and After a Cyber Breach

How Can You Use Social Media to Control a Crisis?

How Can You Leverage KPIs to Gain BCMP Executive Buy-In?

Top 10 FEMA Checklists That Add Value to Your BC and Emergency Response Plans

How Can You Protect Your Small Business Against Cyber Crime?

More Than Half of All Cyber Attacks Hit Small Businesses – Why?

14 Business Continuity Metrics You Should Track As KPIs

5 Steps Towards Building a Continuity Culture for BCMP Success

Why Do You Need Quality Metrics for Your Business Continuity Program?

The Magnitude of Multi-Factor Authentications

Avoid the 9 Ways a Business Continuity Plan Can Fail

How Safe is Your (Smart) City?

Bring Your Own Device…without Bringing Risk

White Hackers Go Dark to Help Enterprises Fight Cyber Crime

Business Continuity Plan Components: Do You Have The Right Ingredients?

Who are the Cyber Criminals?

Emergency Communication Software – Answering the Call for Communication Evolution

2018 Cyber Crime: A Warning for 2019

The Hunt for Hackers

Tech and Pharma – Making Beautiful Business Together

2018 Quake: Alaska Does Preparedness Right

Pharma – Bearing the Cross of Business Continuity

Data Integrity – “Keeping It Clean” in Pharma

Pharma’s Crucial Recovery Concerns in the Wake of Disaster

How Your BC/DR Plan Can Sink – and How You Can Stay Afloat

A Remedy for Pharma BCMP Executive Buy-In

Weak Links in a Pharma’s Supply Chain

What’s Your Cyber Crime IQ?

Cryptojacking – What It Is and Why You Need to Know

Pharma Cyber Attacks – Preparing for the Inevitable

GDPR Side Effects on Pharma

Looking at Third-Party Risk, Brought to You by China

Hacking Democracy – Cyber Security and Elections

Cyber Security Challenges Threatening Pharma

Data Visualization – Painting Valuable Pictures for Pharma

A Cyber Security Culture for Better Cyber Protection

Protecting Patient Information in Pharma

Meet Your New Cyber Security Guardian – Your CISO

Blockchain Linking Pharma to Efficiency and Security

Share the Cyber Security Responsibility

Higher Dosage of Pharma M&As Needs BCM Prescription

Cyber Breach Pokes Facebook with Possible GDPR Violation

Review Retaliation Spotlights Reputational Vulnerability

Let’s Get Enterprise-Wide Buy-In

Shoplifting Continues to Stock Huge Threat for Retailers

Extreme Emergency Planning – Paranoid or Prepared?

Preparing the Next Generation of Cyber Defenders

Blockchain’s Benefits and Risks in Retail

Close Those Continuity Gaps

Business Continuity Challenges of the Modern Retailer

Your Business Continuity Cheat Sheet

Retail in the Cloud

Table Top Testing for Success – 10 Tips

What’s Your Business Continuity IQ?

Cyber Crime Stats Display Need for Cyber BCM in Retail

High Merger & Acquisition Activity in Retail Industry

Weathering Disaster with Retail Emergency Planning

Getting Creative with Assurance Connect

Is Your BCM Program Agile Enough?

Women in Business Continuity Management

Year-Round BCM for Seasonal Shopping

Retail Needs Big Data, Big Data Needs BCM

Retail Versus E-Tail Business Continuity Risks

Don’t Devalue Business Continuity for Innovation

Ticketmaster Breach - Lesson in Third-Party Vetting

Balancing Customer Data Protection and Convenience

Don’t Be a Sitting Duck! Avoid Complacency in BCM

UK CO2 Shortage Sends Hiccups Throughout Supply Chains

What Does the GDPR Have in Store for Retailers?

Why Emergency Notifications Alone Aren’t Enough

10 Characteristics To Look For In A BCM Solution

The Insurance Industry – From Uninteresting to Innovative

Europe’s GDPR Nudging Insurance Industry

BCM, Insurance and Risk Management Defined: What’s the Difference?

What a Successful BC Program Looks Like

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a  Power Outage

Behind the Scenes of a Connect Data Integration

BCM Can Help Insurers Withstand Interest Rate Changes

BCM Efforts Should Practice What Companies Preach

Assurance Software and OnSolve: Partners Committed to Customer Resiliency

What Should a Future-Proofing Framework Look Like?

It’s Full Steam Ahead for Assurance Software as a Standalone Company

Propelling Ahead of Tech Competitors with BCM

Customer Research – How Assurance Achieves Great User Experience

Regulating Executive Buy-In for Cybersecurity in New York State

Resurgens Technology Purchases Assurance Software

Is Your Organization a Target for a Cyber Attack?

School District Gets Lesson in Cyber Crime Preparedness

April’s Cyber Crime & News Recap

What Insurers Need to Know About Cyber Threats

Approval is Just the Beginning of Business Continuity

Printers – A Business Continuity Risk?

5 Reasons You Need Data Integration Software for Your BCM

To BCP or Not to BCP?

Future-Proofing Makes Business Continuity Sense

Trending Technology and Your BC Plan

Another Puerto Rico Power Outage, Another Lesson in BCM

Learn How to Conduct a Surprise DR Exercise

Facebook Hearings Show The Need For Connected BCM

“InsurTech” Making Insurers Rethink Organizational Resilience

The Technology Sector's Greatest Threat Is Behind Its Own Door

YouTube Active Shooter Reinforces Need for Preparedness Practices

The BC Plan DIY Dilemma

‘Security Pledge’ for Tech Giants Shows Need for BCM Protection

Lord & Taylor’s Easter Surprise: A Cyber Attack Example of Data Breach Preparedness

Don’t Be Fooled: Run a Surprise DR Test

No Time to Focus on Data Management? Get Connect(ed)

The Secret to Solving the Top Financial Services Industry Challenges

Your Guide To Security Through Business Continuity Management

Survival Tips for a Business Continuity Plan Through a Merger

How to Build a Healthcare BC Plan From the Ground Up

Get Leadership Involved in Your BCDR Program

The Good, the Bad, and the Risky – Blockchain in the Finance Industry

Business Continuity Management – Healthcare’s Antidote

New York City Measles Case: Rethink Emergency Notification

Defending Your Organization in the Digital Age

Increased Patient Demands – Why and How They Affect BCM

Why Financial Service Providers Need to Compare BC Plans

Why Knowing Ransomware is Critical for BCM

Using the Olympic Spirit to Inspire Your Business Continuity Planning

You’ve Planned for an Incident – Now What?

Hints for Healthcare Business Continuity Audit Success