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As we get closer to the end of the year and look back, we’ve seen there has been an increase in events. In 2017 alone, we’ve faced:

Each of these major events have resulted in more incidents, while shining a light on the need for efficient and effective emergency notifications. And while your organization may have already completed the hard work of initially setting up an emergency notification system like AssuranceNM, incident management and keeping your customers and employees safe requires more than just an initial software implementation.

That is Where an AssuranceNM Health Check Comes In

Assurance Business Continuity Software offers custom services to guide your implementation and program management based on your organizations’ unique needs. Our AssuranceNM Health Check service, assigns our customers with a certified business continuity professional who will:

  • Check under the hood of your alert settings for all necessary fail-safe prompts to ensure that you’re targeting the proper contacts
  • Optimize your message flow and tailor features to your specific needs
  • Help you set up dialing and call back rules with specific voice controls
  • Evaluate your data flow to ensure accuracy
  • Provide a health check report and summary with tips for maximizing your ongoing configuration and usage

Ready for a Health Check?

If you’re ready to use AssuranceNM to its full capacity and ensure the health of your emergency communications, reach out to your Customer Success Manager today! Have more questions? Read “5 Signs It’s Time for a Notification Management Health Check.”

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