The shopping experience has undergone a seismic shift in recent years, with e-commerce dominating sales and customer interactions with a company. More and more people are going online to make purchases, so what happens if an incident does not allow them to have a quality visit – or a visit at all?

Digital commerce is the primary driver for retail, and companies who harden their digital business continuity and disaster recovery efforts, while remaining vigilant of physical assets such as warehouses, brick-and-mortar stores and other supply chain management operations, provide a seamless customer experience.

To provide a positive customer experience, companies must not focus on single-location recovery. Meaning business continuity planning needs to be integrated across all operations within a company. Business continuity managers should identify and protect critical operations that support all retail locations by connecting and visualizing dependencies.

BC/DR planning for locations, including distribution and support locations, is invaluable because companies are tasked with protecting and securing their customers, employees and facilities.

With the serious cyber attack breaches of Target and Sears/Kmart, customer loyalty and brand image are being threatened with every possible incident. Companies need a solid incident management plan in place to meet customer and compliance demands. Business volume in most industries will ebb and flow at certain times of the year, but having one BC solution as your system of record will enable retailers to handle changes in real-time.

BCMs in the industry need to have up to date BIAs and planning to test for worst case scenario in terms of facilities, cyber security and IT. That way, they can identify the best solution and plan for it now.

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