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The executive buy-in. As critical to business continuity management program’s (BCMP) success and mortality as sunlight to a daisy. Only executive approval can facilitate the full freedom of plan development, budget allotment, and organizational support that allows a comprehensive BCMP to thrive. Yet, executive approval still remains a pain point for many organizations.

To that end, we’ve previously offered tips to help enterprises secure the elusive executive buy-in. And now, we’re offering up an additional strategy to put in that persuasion tool box: quality metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs).

KPIs Provide

Today, many organizations take advantage of KPIs to track and quantify the effectiveness of strategic and operational goals…and now, they can wield KPIs to do the same for their BCMPs. When disruptions and disasters strike, a company’s success relies on the performance of their BCMP. So, what better way to measure and monitor that performance than with revealing quantifiable data?

“Without the metrics to tell if your BC process is functioning, you have no idea how your business would actually fare in the case of a disruption…”1

And what better way to entice top-management for exec buy-in, than with a proposal of heightened transparency and immediate answers? Executives and stakeholders relish transparency and at-the-ready answers, particularly when the answers are in clear, definitive numbers. A quality metrics dashboard grants them the power to quickly evaluate a BCMP’s effectiveness, efficiency, and completeness with performance data, such as:

• The program’s development and maintenance status
• Time and resources contributed, to which areas, and other areas they should be directed
• Program vulnerabilities and inadequate areas that should be remedied
• Tabletop tests and exercise results and schedules
• Actual program effectiveness rating against the ideal rating
• Compliance statuses
• Documentation and reviews
• Risk assessment data
• Business Impact Analysis results
• Recovery Time Objective (RTOs)
• Individual plan statuses

“The best and most effective business continuity management system is developed by taking a holistic approach with great KPIs that provide good control over the system”2

The Audit Advantage

You can also convey to upper-management that KPIs are an invaluable tool for audit preparation. As many industries, such as healthcare, are required to establish and maintain a current BCMP, quality metrics keep you in tune with your program’s status, so issues can be identified quickly and addressed in time

Show Them Their Power

Used judiciously, KPIs provide clean, agile information on a business continuity management program’s progress and readiness - its strengths and vulnerabilities, its perceived resiliency compared to reality, and the business’ input of resources compared to the program’s output of value - delivered upon request, rapidly and efficiently. And executives may be more willing to approve a BCMP when they realize they could use this information at their beck and call to measure and monitor their program, through every step and change.

Want to remain resilient and learn more about the benefits of BCMP KPIs? Contact an Assurance certified business continuity professional today. We will be happy to talk with you: 800-478-7645.

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Angie Longacre

Written by Angie Longacre

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