The business continuity industry has quickly learned that cyber attacks and data breaches are not just threats to traditional business in the finance, retail and pharmaceutical industries. Any business that shifted to a digital model which leverages technology, can be impacted. Sporting events are a prime target as they generate significant revenue and pull mass amounts of consumer attention.

This past June, cyber hackers showed no love to Wimbledon, one of the oldest, most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world. The official website for the tournament,, received 200 million cyber security events, resulting in 3.5 million attack signatures.

 Yet, tournament operations, fan data and Wimbledon’s finances remained un-impacted. So how did Wimbledon gain the advantage? Here are a few things we can learn from their incident management:  

The Serve: Using the Right Technology

To start their business continuity planning off right, Wimbledon proactively set up IBM’s cyber security software to help them easily identify and analyze incoming threats.

Various technologies and software solutions are available to help organizations plan for, secure data and address imminent threats ranging from cyber hacks to natural disasters.

The most successful organizations replace legacy systems and set up agile technologies to help minimize and mitigate damages. 

The Blocked Return: Acting Fast

As the 200 million cyber hacks were underway, Wimbledon blocked cyber hacker’s play with a simple defensive move: acting fast. Throughout the tournament, a full security team was on call to receive details and make quick decisions based on a recommended set of actions.

Organizations need a proactive business continuity plan to act fast, while remaining smart and strategic. This approach helps identify potential gaps in operations and determines ways to limit disruption and keep fans safe.

The Approach Shot: Preparing for Additional Threats

In addition to proactively preparing for digital threats, Wimbledon considered additional scenarios where security may be needed. On-site, under-cover surveillance spotters, firearms officers and protective barriers were put in place to protect the 40,000 daily visitors. 

The best business continuity planning involves identifying and preparing for all potential vulnerabilities impacting your organization and the customers you reach. This offensive shot can often take your opponent out of the game.

Want a Game, Set, Match With Your Business Continuity Plan?

The best game-winning strategies against business threats are proactive planning and agile software to streamline your incident management. Don’t wait until you find yourself on the defense. Make an offensive play by setting up your comprehensive business continuity plan.

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