Custom Professional Services 

Take Your Business Continuity
Program to the Next Level   

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Business continuity and Assurance Software implementation is different for every organization, which is why we offer services that:

  • Fit your organization’s unique product requirements while following best practices
  • Bring your business continuity planning into action
  • Recommend the most efficient way to maintain the ongoing success of your program

Custom Professional Services


Assurance Health Checks

Assurance experts will review your AssuranceCM or AssuranceNM accounts and determine if you’re optimally using its features. Included with this assessment is a detailed report of our analysis.


Tabletop Exercise Presentations

Our team creates presentations based on topics (i.e. security breach or civil unrest) for which your organization would like to test and prepare. This service provides you with content scenarios, interjections and actionable steps to conduct your own exercises.


AssuranceNM Scenario Services

Within AssuranceNM's tool, our Professional Services Team will take on building out scenarios specific to your organization’s needs and requirements.


AssuranceNM On-Site Testing

Following your AssuranceNM Health Check, Assurance will review your program’s goals and objectives, followed by two tests, a post mortem and discussion around recommended next steps for ongoing success.


On-Demand Hours

Additional support hours from our Professional Services team are available and can be used for screen, template or role configurations, report building, virtual education (minimum of 8 hours), or Train the Trainer program participation (minimum of 10 hours).

Customer Success

We understand the importance of placing your trust in a team that knows everything about their products to provide you the best outcome with the services you purchase. We certify all our team members using an intensive exam and practical evaluation of using our Software to perform an implementation. Additionally, we go beyond internal certifications to achieve our ABCPs, CBCPs, CBCVs and from a technology perspective get certified on the products that we implement.

Scott Williams, Director of Professional Services, Assurance Software

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