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Supply Chain Continuity: The Impact of Global Labor

Global labor forces can have significant impacts on your supply chain continuity.

To avoid supply chain disruptions, be sure to include strategic supply management solutions in your business continuity management program (BCMP).

In this whitepaper, you'll find out more about the global workforce’s effect on your supply chain and how you can proactively plan to avoid disruptions through crisis management and emergency response planning.

What you’ll find inside:

  • The importance of knowing your supply chain market and political climate
  • The top consequences of having a disruption in your supply chain
  • How the COVID-19 outbreak, and other health crises, can affect your global operations
  • Top recommendations for supply chain resilience


What's inside:

Strike Scope

Often when people think of labor strikes that affect supply chains, they think of workers directly involved in product manufacturing or other direct company labor.

But work stoppages in utility plants, fuel chains, and transportation networks—any organization involved in providing power, communications, and movement of goods—are also potential disruptors.

In fact 72%

of suppliers who have dealt with a breakdown in their supply chains have lacked the full visibility needed to come up with a fast and simple solution1

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