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Third-Party Risk: How to Expand Business Continuity Practices Beyond Company Walls

In today’s interconnected environment, companies increasingly rely on external parties for an essential part of their business.

While important to growth and efficiency, outsourcing also creates an inherent risk of being adversely affected by a third-party service disruption.

This session provides guidance on how to manage third party business continuity risk from both perspectives as a service taker and provider to maintain the trust and confidence of customers and stakeholders.

In this webinar you will learn how to:
  • Assess third party business continuity risk and determine critical suppliers
  • Embed business continuity due diligence requirements in the vendor life cycle
  • Conduct ongoing due diligence on a third party
  • Maintain trust as both a service taker and provider

About Assurance

We offer business continuity solutions and services to 700+ customers worldwide.

“Assurance's enhanced risk assessment capabilities and the incorporation of out-of-the-box industry standards helps us further improve our efficiencies.
Joyce A. Flinn, Information Security & Disaster Recovery Officer, First United Bank & Trust
“Assurance provides the visibility we need to monitor risks across our program so that we can quickly identify potential weak-spots and proactively make the necessary course corrections.”
Andy Wyley, Director of Organizational Resilience, SmileDirectClub
“With ASI’s help we were able to prepare for and pass audits and examinations for our business continuity and disaster recovery programs.”
Jeff Jaques, CRVPM, CISRCP, Credit Union of Southern California