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What is Organizational Resilience?

Dr. Bernard Jones
Assistant Professor of Homeland Security at St. John’s University
D. Sc. in Civil Security Leadership, Management, and Policy

Melissa Rhodes
Assurance Software Community Manager

If your CxO asked you, “can our company successfully withstand a natural disaster or cyber threat,” how would you answer? How would you quantify success? Would you be able to express resilience in measurable terms that a senior manager can relate to?

For his doctoral research study, Dr. Bernard Jones explored organization resilience in businesses throughout New Jersey and compared the findings with a similar study conducted in New Zealand. From his data-driven analysis, Dr Jones has unearthed valuable insights into organizational resilience, identifying strengths and weaknesses that can help enable businesses to better understand and articulate their resilience. 

In this free webinar, join Melissa for an engaging and informative interview with Dr. Jones, discussing his research and findings in the area of organizational resilience.

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